**Speakers are in order of appearance. Visit the program page for more information on when you will find each speaker in the schedule. Subject to change without notice. 

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mark waldman

Mark Waldman has authored 14 books, including the bestseller How God Changes Your Brain, an Oprah pick in 2012. His book is called NeuroWisdom: The New Brain Science of Money, Happiness, and Success. He teaches at Loyola Marymount University and is a world-leading expert on spirituality, communication, consciousness and the brain. He has an international practice as a NeuroCoach and he trains students and business leaders in this unique evidence-based strategy for enhancing personal and professional development. For more information, go to www.MarkRobertWaldman.com.  



Rev. Dr. David Alexander

David Alexander is a life-long student of spiritual principles, having been born and raised in the New Thought tradition. Called to the ministry at age thirteen, Rev. David has made the study and application of universal spiritual principles his life devotion. Rev. David became a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner in 1999, received his ministerial license in 2004 and was ordained in 2006, and affiliated with United Centers for Spiritual Living in 2007. Rev. David serves on the Board of Directors for the Community of Welcoming Congregations. Rev. David writes the monthly column "Philosophy in Action" for Science of Mind magazine. Rev. David has a deep passion for New Thought history and manages the site www.newthoughthistory.org In April of 2009 Rev. David was inducted into the Martin Luther King Jr. Board of Preachers of Morehouse College. As one of the youngest and most dynamic ministers in the New Thought movement, his messages are inspiring, humorous and relevant to today's world.

Rev. David serves as the co-founding and Senior Minister of New Thought Center for Spiritual Living (2004-Present). In 2012 Rev. David was elected to the first Leadership Council of the newly formed Centers for Spiritual Living organization and just finished his term as the Chairman of the Council. 


Rev. Dr. kenn gordon

As Spiritual Leader for Centers for Spiritual Living, Rev. Dr. Kenn Gordon is the public face of Centers for Spiritual Living. He travels worldwide to support the teaching of Science of Mind and Spirit, and writes a weekly blog for Patheos.com, a leading website on religion that includes some of the most well-known and widely read bloggers and columnists of religion in the world.  He is the author of the book Mind & Manifestation, and contributes regularly to Science of Mind magazine, which is published by Centers for Spiritual Living.

In 2011, Gordon was awarded a doctorate in divinity by International Centers for Spiritual Living, an honor that has been bestowed on fewer than a dozen individuals, one of whom is Louise Hay, known world-wide for her work in New Thought.


Kelly corsino

Singing professionally since she was a child, Kelly has always had the call to use the gift of song. As she moved along her own Spiritual path, she realized that her voice was a channel that could be used to help others.
Kelly creates songs with lyrics that uplift and provoke introspection. Her vocal toning and crystal singing bowls sound baths, expand her musical reach to facilitate Healing circles allowing people to connect to openings within themselves that only sound can provide. She currently tours the world using her gifts and talents alongside her husband John.

“We all have a song in our heart longing to be expressed” 
-Kelly Corsino



John is an intuitive healer and business coach who approaches his work in a totally unique fashion; he is a clairsentient who literally “feels” what others feel. His gift enables him to guide people intuitively into the blocks that prevent them from realizing their life dreams and then he uses several different modalities to break through the barriers.
Skilled in both modern and ancient healing techniques, John gently guides you to a higher level of consciousness and supports you in following your own path to a healthier, more balanced you.

“My life’s work is to guide you to define, create, and live the life of your dreams.” -John Rozenberg      


barb beck

Barb Beck inspires individuals and couples to take seriously the quality of all of their relationships, including their most intimate ones!  As a 20 year expert in the field of "love” she helps people create empowered, yet spiritually grounded relationship with themselves first. She masterfully teaches the tools and skills we’re all missing so that individuals can get out of painful dynamics once and for all and start experiencing more ease and freedom! 

Barb works with a large celebrity clientele, is the author of two important books on intimacy and has spoken from coast to coast, including at Yoga Journal Conferences, Kripalu Center, New Thought Spiritual Centers and for countless leadership gatherings across the country. Along with being a powerful relationship expert, Barb was trained by internationally known metaphysical teacher Louise Hay and is a certified Spiritual Practitioner.  When she’s not talking obsessively about “all things love”, she’s off escaping alone into the world for a spontaneous adventure, throwing a party with her new hubby or searching out the perfect hiking trail in the Columbia Gorge.


matti dobbs

Dr. Matti Dobbs is co-spiritual director of the Center for Spiritual Living, Carlsbad and author of Soaring: Living Empowered and Joyful. She studied under Dr. Jane Claypool and Dr, Heather Clark and was ordained in 2009.  She is a Certified Life coach and LicensedClinical Social Worker (inactive).  Dr. Dobbs holds a PhD from the University of Southern CA with a focus on organizational development and change.  She is professor emerita, San Diego State University.



charles Gehrke

Charles Gehrke is a life coach, mentor and facilitator for the non-profit organization Ambassadors Unlimited.  Its purpose is to provide Mindfulness and Tools for Success to everyone allowing them to lead a Happier, Healthier and more prosperous life. He offers Mindfulness training for both children and adolescents in many schools each year during the school year creating extraordinary results with children’s behavior and emotional control. The program is also available to teens, adults, and professional organizations.

Charles has been a student of Science of Mind since 1972 and is a member of the Hi Desert Center for Spiritual Living in Apple Valley California.  He is encouraged about the future of this planet and its inhabitants with the spread of Centers for Spiritual Living and the Ernest Holmes philosophy.  


Suzanne grace

Suzanne is a yoga teacher, spiritual practitioner, dancer, choreographer and lover of LIFE itself.

As a creative choreographer of the Healing and Performing Arts, she integrates 40+ years of study and practice in yoga, chi gung, modern dance, Pilates, somatics, massage, acupressure, sound healing, drumming, meditation, metaphysics and spirituality to share her passion for a joyous life. From ancient practices to contemporary inspiration, she has taught and motivated students of all ages and abilities. Suzanne has a deep love of nature and infuse all of my work with an organic sense of flow, energy and alignment.

She has created an original and organic system called THE TRINITY WALTZ. This method assists in balancing our triune nature: Blend with Body, Meditate with Mind, Soar with Spirit.

It is an honor to offer simple tools and techniques to help you navigate and waltz through this thing called LIFE!